Are you a small business owner struggling to keep up with digital marketing?


Are you feeling OVERWHELMED?

Are you so busy running your business, you don’t have time to research a digital marketing strategy, let alone implement it. With so many options, it’s hard to know what strategies will actually get results.

Many people say they are CONFUSED 

SEO, reputation management, Google rankings, social media, hashtags, Google My Business…where do you even start? And how will you ever get the time to do everything on your own?

Some people are WORRIED

Are you worried that your competitors are ranking above you in the search engines? Not sure how to connect with your customers online?



Social Media Tips

When it comes to social media, it’s important to post regularly and consistently in order to stay top of mind with your followers and ideal clients. Through your copy and images, they get to know you, like you, and trust you.

However, it’s crucial to provide your audience with valuable content rather than being overly promotional or spammy.

Including third party content in your social media strategy makes you more trustworthy to your followers and helps you seem like you’re into more than just self-promotion.