PinPoint Central

The key features of this product are:


  • Review request is sent to your existing clients (email or SMS) through the platform.
  • Ability to decide where reviews are most needed (e.g. Google, Facebook).
  • Thumbs up/down response to review request…if thumbs down, we ask for feedback by email. Thumbs up, they are sent directly to Google to leave a review. This significantly increases the likelihood of a positive or 5 star review. 


  • When you sign up for PinPoint Central, our technology will automatically scan your website and identify opportunities for you to optimize your on-site SEO.
  • An easy to use and shared to do list will be created for you to use or share with your website administrator in order to implement the changes.
  • Each month PinPoint Central creates a wealth of off site content for your business by creating backlinks to your website.
  • PinPoint Central will monitor both your keyword rankings and web traffic within your custom dashboard, while providing weekly and monthly reporting.


  • We create three weekly posts including a mix of shared articles and custom content based on your business and industry to ensure a consistent presence on all your social media channels.


  • Existing contacts uploaded into CRM.
  • Send emails or texts to existing contacts.

Who needs this reputation management software product?

reputation managementAny business that:
  • Wants to know what is being said about them online
  • Wants to be able to see all their reviews in one place
  • Wants to have correct listings online (up to date contact details etc.)
  • Wants to compare and measure their online presence to their competition
  • Wants to showcase their top reviews

Why this product is important for your business:

  • It’s important to build positive awareness about your brand
  • Positive online reputation drives more potential customers to your business
  • Identify and handle problems in your product or service quickly before they damage your reputation
  • Having updated contact details helps to make sure potential customers can contact your business

What this includes:

This is a software tool that will allow you to:

  • Monitor and manage reviews
  • Compare to competition
  • Confirm listings are correct
  • See what’s being said about your business online
  • Engage in online conversations
  • Respond to Facebook and Google Reviews
  • Monitor mentions in social media
  • Connect social accounts