Is your Ajax-Pickering business website helping or hurting your growth?

business website1.  Broken Links
Not only do broken links in a business website appear unprofessional, they can also impact on your SEO.
2.  Content Typos
First impressions can open so many doors for new opportunities. Mistakes such as typos in content can ruin those chances.
It’s beneficial to hire a content writer for your business website.
3.  Not Mobile Friendly
In this day and age, browsing on a mobile device is a major part of our lives. 
For your small business website to be effective, it must be optimized for both desktop and mobile in all screen resolutions.
4.  Unclear Navigation
If users are having trouble navigating your website, chances are high that they will bounce off and go to your competitor. 
5.  Missing Favicon
Although this may seem like a small issue, Favicons make your website look and seem more professional.
6.  Bad Use of Calls to Action
Your business calls to action make the biggest difference to conversion.
Make sure your website gives visitors plenty of opportunities to get information on what interests them.

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